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Arctic Utopias is an experimental, co-created film project, exploring the dualistic vision of the future of the Arctic. Utopist or dystopic and by who and why? Which way are we headed? Could both realities exist simultaneously?

Arctic Utopias is our humble attempt to dive deeper into the region's status quo & possible futures, deeper than what scholars, marketing forces and the mainstream media can teach us.

So who tells the stories of the Arctic and why? What is left unsaid and whose voices are framing what we know about the future of this contradictory region?

We want to find out.

Behind Arctic Utopias

We are young creative people concerned about negative environmental evolutions that are impacting the Arctic, a region we are not native to, but have affiliations with and care for. We disagree with the passivity to protect and restore the environment. We are concerned about how the Arctic is often perceived as just a treasure chest of resources.

We are always open for new collaborations!

If you have something in mind, (yes, anything) we want to hear from you! Especially regarding partnerships on community building, funding and filmmaking, please contact us at

Our team

Anna-Katri Kulmala

Anna-Katri is the founder of Arctic Utopias, a journalism student and an avid voice for a healthier human-nature relationship in her life and work. She is driven by an explorer mindset and passionate about mysteries and questions of consciousness. Wears the ugliest of fleece-wear when left alone.
Niina Jyränen

Niina is the co-founder of Arctic Utopias who tries to work for a world where people live in balance with nature and with each other. Currently, she's aiming to this by smiling at strangers, by producing a documentary film, and by writing a master's thesis in environmental politics. Swimming in the Baltic sea year-round is what keeps her in balance.

Pieter-Jan Van Damme

Pieter-Jan is a documentary film director, festival programmer, film tutor and film student. Currently, all what remains of his energy goes to setting up a regenerative farm in Siuntio, Finland.
Ville Koskinen

Ville Koskinen is a filmmaker who attempts to find fantasy elements from reality. Human interaction with other, real and imaginary lifeforms has been an ongoing theme in his documentary and fiction work. French dessert éclair has a comforting effect on his mind.
Mana Tugend

Mana is a researcher focusing on polar issues, especially environmental law, law of the sea and human rights. Located in Tromsø, Norway, she is passionate about the Arctic. She aspires to bring out a positive change in the region based on a greater connection between humans and nature. As an outdoors enthusiast, she feels best while roaming the mountains.

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