Arctic Utopias

Arctic Utopias is a collective of creative people concerned about negative environmental and political evolutions that are impacting the Arctic, a region we are not all native to, but have affiliations with and care for. We disagree with the passivity to protect and restore the environment and demand cross generational justice, indigenous rights, systemic change, and environmental social and economic responsibility.

We are concerned about how the Arctic is often perceived as just a treasure chest of resources. 

Arctic Utopias collective executes and supports projects that combine art, science and journalism exploring the status quo and the dualistic vision of the future of the Arctic. Utopist or dystopic and by who and why? Which way are we headed? Do both realities exist simultaneously and what do they even mean? 

Arctic Utopias is an attempt to dive deeper into the region's status quo & possible futures, deeper than what scholars, propaganda, marketing forces and the mainstream media can teach us. This is done by challenging conventional communication and representation of the region and making sure that voices stemming from within the arctic are heard.

Who tells the stories of the Arctic and why? What is left unsaid and whose voices are framing what we know about the future of this contradictory region?

We want to find out.

Arctic Utopias film

Arctic Utopias

Ville Koskinen, Daniela Toma, Svetlana Romanova, Matti Kinnunen

Finland 2022



Daniela, Svetlana, and Matti film their relationship to the Arctic. The concern for the future of an unborn child, longing for home, and a traditional way of life in the world of possibilities provided by capitalism form the foundation of the film. Arctic Utopias probes the individual’s emotional spectrum in a rapidly changing environment.

About the documentary

Arctic Utopias is a collective and experimental documentary film about the changing arctic. Filmmakers were sourced through an arctic wide open call. Daniela, Lana and Matti were chosen as directors, as they represent a variety of viewpoints to the region’s future and status quo. The aim of the film was to be a platform for the voices stemming straight from the region – for stories of how the shifting of inner and outer worlds feels like. Simultaneously the film invites the viewer to explore and question their relationship to the arctic.

The Arctic is warming up to six times faster than the rest of the world due to climate change. At the same time, it’s often represented/depicted as an exotic, romanticized and untouched place that is beyond the powers of the postmodern world. Experimentally and collectively made essayistic documentary film provided an opportunity to explore change as a concept, and challenge conventional ways of filmmaking and the representations of this region.

Behind Arctic Utopias

Anna-Katri Kulmala

Anna-Katri is a founder of Arctic Utopias, a journalism student and an avid voice for a healthier human-nature relationship in her life and work. She is driven by an explorer mindset and passionate about mysteries and questions of consciousness. Wears the ugliest of fleece-wear when left alone.
Niina Jyränen

Niina is a co-founder of Arctic Utopias who tries to work for a world where people live in balance with nature and with each other. Swimming in the Baltic sea year-round is what keeps her in balance.

Film and discussions tour 2022

Arctic Utopias dialogue’s tour 2022 aims to screen the documentary alongside with other short films in different locations around the Arctic countries - maybe even globally - as what happens in the arctic doesn’t stay in the arctic.  Screenings will be followed by moderated dialogue-sessions about the film's themes with diverse audiences. The aim of the tour is to have constructive dialogue about the arctic, reach non usual suspect audiences, enable indigenous voices getting heard and increase awareness on ecological, political and social developments of the region. More information is coming soon. If you are interested in screening Arctic Utopias, please contact

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